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November 4, 2022

By November 4, 2022November 7th, 2022Weekly Newsletter

 Dear Parents,

This week we experienced our first significant snowfall of the year. The snow is fun to play in, but we have noticed that several students have are not choosing to dress warm. In addition we have several students who do dress warmly, but as soon as they get outside they take their coats off and forget them outside. If your child is missing a coat please have them check our lost and found. There is a good chance that it is there. We love to watch how creative the kids get as they play in the snow. They love to build forts and roll large snowmen. These are all fun activities for the kids to participate in. In order to help keep our kids safe we do not allow the throwing of snowballs on school property. 

With our weather changing. Please be extra mind full of our pickup and drop-off zones. A few practices for each of us to follow that will make our school a safer place are:

  • Pull forward as others leave
  • Always use the crosswalks to cross to the parking lot
  • Never wave your child across the pickup zone
  • Stay off the cell phone in our pickup zone
  • Be courteous of others
  • Be on time for pick up. If you are late please call the school so that your child doesn’t worry.

As a convenience we have a bike and scooter rack at the back of the school. If your child is bringing their bike or scooter to school remind them to take the time to lock them up. This prevents the item from disappearing.

This month our theme is being Proactive

  • Doing the right thing without being asked, even when no one is looking
  • I am control of myself
  • I take the initiative
  • I am prepared
  • I choose my attitude, actions and moods.

Current and upcoming events. Additional information is on the attached fliers, the school website and our school Facebook page.

  • November 9 – 1:00 PM PTA meeting
  • November 10 – Picture Retakes
  • November 14 – Battle of the Books Team Meeting