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September 22, 2023

By September 22, 2023October 8th, 2023Weekly Newsletter

pcoming Calendar:

During the week of October 2nd we will be having our Fall Parent Teacher Conferences.  Your child’s teachers have been setting up the times for these conferences.  If you have not yet recieved a time please contact your childs teacher.

Our book fair will be running during the week of October 2nd.  Please stop by and look at the great books our librarian has selected for this event.

The PTA Cougar Fest will be held this year on October 12th starting at 5:30 p.m.  More information will be coming soon.

Please be mindful of our handcap parking. These are set up for people who have handcap stickers.  These are not for convenience but for those in need.

We have a few Aide positions available.  They are everyday, will include safety supervision, working with kids.  Times are 3 to 5 hours per day.  Must have either an associates degree or be able to pass the parapraxis exam.

Apply online at Alpine school district.

The State PTA has asked that each school PTA create their own Facebook accounts.  To follow the Cascade PTA Facebook please click on the link provided in the email.

Cascade Elementary PTA Facebook page

To join the Cascade Elementary Instagram Please click on the link provided in the email as well.

Cascade Elementary PTA Instagram Page

Cascade 512 Weekend Meals

We have about 50 weekend meals available.  They come with non-perishable items that your students can use for snacks and meals throughout the weekend.  This is a first come, first serve until we get approved for more meals.  Please only sign up if you could really use it.

 Weekend Meals Sign-up

The Boys and Girls Club is now accepting additional aplications for more students to attend. Attached to this email is additional information on how to register for Boys and Girls Club.

Save the date!  Battle of the book competitions will be on February 26th for 3-4th grade and February 12th for 5-6th grade.

Students are starting to have fun reading the books.  The teachers have formed teams to have a competition with the students.